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  • 100% Natural Wool Dryer Balls - 3 pack
  • 100% Natural Wool Dryer Balls in Cute Reusable Linen Bag - 6 pack

100% Natural Wool Dryer Balls

These are a wonderful alternative to chemical filled dryer sheets as they naturally soften clothes. Plus they help protect your family's health and the environment. 
For best results use 3 balls at a time.  For larger loads, use all 6.  Can be reused up to 1000 loads

Why Use Dryer Balls?

These handmade 100% pure wool dryer balls are the perfect alternative to chemical filled dryer sheets.  Not only do they save time, energy and money, they help soften clothes, reduce static and eliminate wrinkles.  Just toss the balls into the dryer with every load and watch what happens.  As the balls tumble with the clothes, they create airy gaps which allows air to flow more efficiently.  This results in faster drying time and energy savings. 

There's no better and safer way to do laundry. 

*Reduces drying time up to 25%*

*Ideal for those with sensitive skin

*Naturally softens clothes

*No harmful chemicals, perfumes or dyes

*Saves time, energy & money 

 *Can be reused up to 1000 loads

*Results by SGS, a leading consumer goods testing facility.


    These dryer balls are amazing! Long lasting! Helps cut down on drying time and does not effect my son's sensitive skin.

    Posted by tammy on 13th Jul 2016

  2. What Did I Do Without These?

    These dryer balls have changed my life! I am so happy to be rid of dryer sheets! First of all, the waste that I was producing from using dryers sheets really bummed me out. Then there were all the crazy chemicals that were going into our clothing by using the sheets. The most awesome thing about the wool dryers balls is that there is a noticable reduction in the drying time of my loads of laundry (even large loads of towels). Of course I also love that they are natural/chemical-free. What did I do without these little guys? Seriously!

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Jan 2016

  3. Great!

    I already had a set of wool dryer balls from another company but wanted some more so I gave these a try. I love these. I think that these do a much better job with the static issue than my others do. I will probably replace my others with more B&N Laundry wool dryer balls soon.

    Posted by Melody on 11th Dec 2015

  4. Amazing

    I love how my clothes feel after they have been in the dryer with the wool dryer balls. They are soft and dry faster. It is a wonderful alternative to chemicals especially due to our entire family's sensitive skin. I gave my old ones to my kids to play with and they even love them!

    Posted by Karin on 9th Jul 2015


    This has to be my favorite B&N product! I was impressed from the first dry! My clothes have never felt so soft and fluffy! We have very hard water in the desert, so it's not often to have silky soft towels... but now the wool dryer balls have made me one happy momma!!

    Posted by Ali H. on 24th Apr 2015

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