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5 Steps for a Positive Morning Experience Every Mother Should Know

Posted by Rachel on

If you are like me, school mornings can be a major feet leaving you dreading the daily battle. In this blog I’ll share the 5 steps for a positive morning experience every mother should know.

A few weeks ago, I started a few new habits that have created a smoother morning experience and given me a major confidence boost.

If you are like me, school mornings can be a major feet leaving you dreading the daily battle.

Getting the family up, dressed, fed, and out the door on time leaves me longing for the lazy days of summer.

However, a few weeks ago, I started a few new habits that have created a smoother morning experience and given me a major confidence boost.

Setting the tone for the morning, now starts with the steps I take as soon as the twins get home from school.

Here's the 5 steps I created for a positive morning experience.

Step 1: Unpack Every Day

The minute the twins walk in the door, I have them sit down and go through their backpacks with me.

We go through their papers for the day, reviewing school work and other items.

Then I have them take out their lunch boxes, hang the back packs up and place the lunch boxes on the kitchen island.

To keep a clutter free home, right away I toss out anything that's not important.

Step 2: Pack Tomorrow’s Lunch Tonight

After backpacks are hung, I have the girls empty out their lunch boxes.

Once the lunch boxes are emptied, I fill them right back back up again.

Yep, I pack tomorrow's lunch right when we get home.

That way I'm not scrambling in the morning and I sleep better having this checked off my list.

Step 3: Pick Out Tomorrow’s Outfit Before Bedtime

At bedtime, I help the girls pick out their clothes for the morning.

I tried setting out clothes for a whole week on Sunday, but too many times, they changed their minds the morning of.

So, daily it is...

But it still works great for us and even though it only adds a few seconds onto our morning, that's more seconds that I can sleep in.

Step 4: Get Ready Before They Wake Up

This step takes real discipline - on my part - but has been proven to be the most effective way to keep things running like clockwork.

I get myself up and completely ready before they wake.

As much as I'd rather sleep in, if I'm ready for the day before their day starts, the mornings are 100% easier!

Step 5: Once Complete, Then They Can Eat

Last but not least, my newest rule that gave us tons of extra morning minutes...

No one goes down stairs for breakfast until everyone is dressed, teeth brushed, face washed, hair brushed.

I know from experience that once everyone goes down stairs, dragging them back up stairs becomes a chore.

This way, all the upstairs events are done and we head downstairs with only breakfast to eat, and backpacks to grab.

Following these 5 steps has given us tons of extra morning time to watch TV, or read a book and snuggle before school.

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