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2015 The Year of the Goat!

It's the year of the goat and well, that's awesome!  You know we love goats and their amazing benefits.  People born in the year of the Goat are said to be healthy and calm.  Two reasons we use Goat Milk Soap in our detergent!  It naturally softens clothes and so healthy, you'll be confident that [...]

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The best organic laundry soap money can buy

I'm home sick today.  That kind of sick you get when you've been fighting it off.  Fighting it off while you take care of the million things on your to-do list.  Top it off with Pink Eye, and I can tell you I'm pretty miserable.  It's days like this when I wonder how can I [...]

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B & N "On the Go"

June 28th, 2014. Tony had just had is transplant a few days prior. The twins and I were staying at the hotel nearby. Out of clean clothes, I made my way down to the hotel laundry facility. My small bag of B & N Laundry in my hand. Proud that [...]

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The Summer of Change

If you know me, or my company, you know why and how it was created. A woman on a mission to save her husband and children. Tony, the love of my life went into stage 5 renal failure in his late 20's. Long before I knew him. He waited 5 years [...]

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Laundry Lover's Gazette - September Newsletter

Read our September edition for our newsletter The Laundry Lovers Gazette.

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Stains of Summer

With the excitement of Summer just around the corner, and the excitement of messy and memory-filled days, comes the inevitable messy clothes that will surely make it into the laundry basket at the end of each day. I am so glad that our NEW Half Felted Goat’s Milk Stain Stick will make its very first [...]

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Bestselling B&N Products

Are you browsing our site and wondering "which products do I need?"We've compiled a list of our best-selling and must-have products based on your specific needs...Laundry Detergent. Well, pretty much everyone needs this one! Each large bag will wash up to 70 loads. And you'll save a bundle because you only use one tablespoon per [...]

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Beat the Stain

Me versus stain:Me- 1Stain- 0I win!Our brand new half felted stain stick is one of a kind. We've developed this stain stick to truly change the way the world does laundry.We are amazed by the rave reviews on our Stain Stick! Every day, someone new sends us a compliment. So far it’s been able to [...]

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Give mom what she really wants!

For those who aren't moms, let me just say that this will sound like madness. When you're a mom, laundry is a BIG deal. I know, so trivial to you college students out there! Moms worry about the most ridiculous things, we know we do. But something changes when someone calls you mommy. Your heart [...]

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A soap nut, really? What in the world is that?

What are soap nuts?Soap nuts are native to India and Nepal. They have recently become popular in the Western hemisphere due to the go green movements; people are just itching to rid themselves of unnecessary chemicals. Soap nuts are an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical detergent, soap, and household cleansers, even beauty products! They are [...]

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