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B & N "On the Go"

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June 28th, 2014. Tony had just had is transplant a few days prior. The twins and I were staying at the hotel nearby. Out of clean clothes, I made my way down to the hotel laundry facility. My small bag of B & N Laundry in my hand. Proud that I didn't have to buy one of those tide boxes from the vending machine.

Sitting on the floor of the laundry room, the twins peering into the washer, watching their blankets tumble around. I glanced over at the commerical detergent vending machine. A large sign, taped across it. OUT OF ORDER.

How sad I thought, "those things never work, so glad I have my own" The next thought that came to my mind was how everyone should be able to have fresh clean clothes when they are away from home.

Wouldn't it be great if created a product that you could just toss in your suitcase or one that you could buy at a Hotel or Hospital gift shop? Something fun with all the essentials to make doing laundry away from home much more pleasurable.

That was the day B & N Laundry "On the Go" was born. Sitting on the floor of the hotel laundry room at UCLA's Triverton house. It took a few months but it's here and it's fabulous.

You can buy the On the Go kit on our web site.