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Beat the Stain

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Me versus stain:

Me- 1

Stain- 0

I win!

Our brand new half felted stain stick is one of a kind. We've developed this stain stick to truly change the way the world does laundry.

We are amazed by the rave reviews on our Stain Stick! Every day, someone new sends us a compliment. So far it’s been able to beat spaghetti sauce, chocolate, blood, food stains on the couch, berries, dirt, and formula spit up (which you mommies know can be a tough one!)

How it works: It is a stick of our amazing goat’s milk soap stain remover. Simply rub the stick into the stain in a circular motion. It is also half felted; use the felted side to lift out tough stains.

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Can’t wait for the next testimonial! Which stain will you beat?