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Bestselling B&N Products

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Are you browsing our site and wondering "which products do I need?"

We've compiled a list of our best-selling and must-have products based on your specific needs...

Laundry Detergent. Well, pretty much everyone needs this one! Each large bag will wash up to 70 loads. And you'll save a bundle because you only use one tablespoon per load, it is concentrated! Our best selling fragrances are Lemon and Lavendar. Each are scented with essential oils. The Lemon will give you a beautiful spring clean scent, and the Lavendar is soft and sweet, we love it for linens! Our third scent, Eucalyptus, is perfect for those who love a clean, menthol type scent. Definitely specialized! What are your individual scent preferences? Start with the scent that matches your usual preference. And if you aren't sure, you can start with our test kit which includes a sample bag of each scent! Each sample bag will wash 15-20 loads.

Stain removing products. Some of you will need both of our awesome stain removers! Those with young boys or men who work in and industry with machinery or dirt can benefit from both the Stain Remover and the Stain Stick. The Stain Remover is a spray that soaks on the clothing before you wash. You can use this for large stains. The Stain Stick is a spot stain remover that you will rub into the stain before you wash. The vast majority of our customers can choose just one of our stain removing products. The best seller currently is our NEW Half Felted Goat's Milk Stain Stick. The reviews on this product are simply incredible! It even amazes us!

Soap nuts. For those who want to remove unnecessary chemicals from more than just laundry! Check out our recent post on soap nuts for all the wonderful ways that you can use this product. Make your own all-natural, chemical free household cleaner!

Dryer Balls. Cut your drying time down, soften clothes, and remove those toxic dryer sheets from your home!