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Daisy ! The New B & N Mascot.

Posted by Rachel Bollin on


How have I not written about Daisy?  I’ll blame it on writers block because there is so much awesome to tell you.

B & N needed a mascot and a trip to a farm down the road from my house solved that issue one summer morning.  I’m still glad the farmer didn’t laugh too terribly hard at me when I told her I wanted to buy one of her goats and make it a celebrity. Instead, she showed me to the kids and I got to pick my goat.  

There she was in all her glory, looking exactly like the goat my mom drew for B & N some 5 years ago. “I’ll take that one!” I exclaimed. “What will you name her?” Asked farmer Jean. “Daisy. Her name is Daisy” 

Since that day, countless hours have been spent hanging out with daisy, teaching her how to walk on a leash, grooming, and of course photographing her.    Daisy has grown quite tolerant of the constant selfies I take with her.

She also loves my human kids!

And participating in family photo shoots.

We are always sharing our Daisy adventures on our face book page. To see more of Daisy, follow us there!