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Gardens and Butterflies

Posted by Rachel Bollin on

For the past four years a drought, dogs and motherhood wreaked havoc on my once beautiful yard. Realizing it was not going to fix itself, I took matters into my own hands.  The result has been the most wonderful bonding experience as a family. We started by pulling up the old dead grass and replacing it with rubber mulch while working on the smallest planter that I named "Brooke's Garden” We filled it with Lavender. Chocolate Mint, and African Daises. The little planter filled with purple and buzzing bees, brought Brooke so much joy I knew we had to take it up a notch.


Knowing Nora, I knew a butterfly garden full of nectar plants and small treasures such as a little stone rabbit would make her heart soar.  So I cleared out the next planter bed and went to work on "Nora's Garden” The result brought us what I now refer to as butterfly haven. We raised 4 monarch Caterpillars(much to Brooke's utter delight) in this garden full of Milkweed, Catnip, Lantana and more. The butterfly garden became a great source of entertainment for the twins and I.  Each day checking on our caterpillars, naming them and watching them chomp along the milkweed each day. We were lucky enough that we got to watch one bust out of his cocoon one morning as a beautiful Monarch Butterfly. I was completely smitten.

So smitten that I got this bee in my bonnet. We needed a BIG BIG Butterfly enclosure. No, not just a small enclosure, one that you could walk in sit down and read while butterflies and caterpillars worked their magic. My husband was onboard and so our adventure has begun. Using the upper patio that already has small wood cover, we are working to enclose that patio cover with screening while adding tons of nectar plants and milkweed. The project will take the better half of the summer to complete but as we work on it, I can see my dream coming to fruition. A safe haven for Monarch Butterflies and a wonderful learning experience for my children. 

Follow along with us on our journey as I update you weekly.