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Posted by Rachel Bollin on

Today I feel very blessed.  I seems to happen when I need it most.  After a tough day or week hearing "no" from big stores or just the usual small business woes.  Suddenly, one of my awesome customers will reach out to me.  Either they send a message or post on SM their latest stain removal success or post a really nice product compliment on my website.  It's as if they knew at that very moment I needed a reminder of why I get up every day and work to grow this little business.  

Thank you

Thank you to the person who just posted a before and after photo on your Facebook page

Thank you to the shop owner who just told another shop about our products

Thank you to the online buyer who just posted a nice review on my website

Thank you to my family who cheers me on

Thank you to husband who believes in me more than anyone else

Thank you to my staff who work so hard to put out a great product

Thank you to all of you who buy from me.  

Thank you