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Love my Laundry, Say What?

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By now, you’ve familiarized yourself with our spectacular website, and you’ve seen two slogans over and over. One: Love your Laundry. Two: Discover a better way to do laundry. What do we mean by these two catchy taglines?

Start with number one. Let me ask you, do you currently love to do laundry? Well, if you’re like me, and every other mommy, wife, single woman (or our counterpart in men) on the planet, you don’t. Until you start to experience B & N Laundry. Yes, it’s an experience. One your first encounter with B&N, you’ll probably notice the scent. Whether it’s my favorite, Lemon, or the ever-popular Lavendar, or the day spa-like Eucalyptus, you’re going to be drawn to it. Like a moth to a flame! Go ahead, smell it over and over and…well you get the picture… over. If we’ve shipped it to you, notice that your mailbox was, just for a day, the loveliest smelling mailbox on the street. Jealous neighbors, I bet. And if you’ve picked up your bag at your local Farmers’ Market or at one of our fantastic retail partners, your car probably smells downright yummy right now. Next, you’ll start to notice that your washroom or the little laundry section of your garage smells delightful! That’s because we’ve added some amazing essential oils to your favorite B&N fragrance. And not to mention, the soap itself that we use smells clean and refreshing. And finally, there are no harsh chemicals to mask those essential oils; that’s the best part! On your second encounter with your new detergent, you’re going to notice a difference in your laundry, the colors, the feel, the scent. Your whites will be whiter! Your colors, more vibrant! Your clothes will feel soft, clean, they will no longer be stiff, dingy, or give you that weird feeling that your store-bought soap has left some kind of residue on your favorite blouse or your delicate work slacks. And finally, your clothes will now smell of the B&N scent that you already fell in love with on Encounter 1. Okay, Encounter 3, you’ve now noticed that this detergent is unlike any other you’ve tried. You have GOT TO try it on your sheets. Oh, yes, exciting stuff. Your bed sheets are soft, clean, and luxurious. And now, in the midst of all odds, you love your laundry. GASP!

Second tagline, “Discover A Better Way To Do Laundry.” You’ve already noticed that you’re oddly excited to do your (former) least favorite household chore. You really want to see what else this stuff can get clean! Your whites are looking so… white. Crisp. Clean. And you thought they were clean before. How sad that we are led to believe that our clothing needs these harsh chemicals to get those tough stains out or to get those stinky gym clothes clean. We’ve been brainwashed! Okay, not really. But truly, you will ditch that store-bought detergent. You’ve now discovered a better way. And you cannot wait to test out our other stain fighting products right? Our All Natural Stain Remover and our Goat Milk Half Felted Stain Stick have received rave review from our customers. Chocolate meets toddler meets new shirt, no match for our All Natural Stain Remover. Blood on your bed sheets from your husband’s cut leg (gotta love husbands) again, no match for our stain stick. And your wallet… well it’s never been happier. Just one tablespoon of B&N detergent! And it’s so much cheaper than those store-brands! Your laundry is now the start of your chemical cleanse of your entire house and your new found vacation fund… well maybe not really… but it’s a good start right?