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I feel like lately, I've been sharing away my excitement for our products, which I believe are truly amazing, that's no secret. But I've really been lacking on sharing our story. Our story is the backbone behind the reason that I do what I do, create these great laundry products to share! Our story is my WHY. Why do I create my own laundry soap and products when I could easily run to the local supermarket and pick some up? Well, in 2012, I gave birth to our two girls. And my life changed, as it does for most every mother. We were so blessed by these little beings! However, being a twin mommy is challenging in many ways, one of which is the expense. My pocket book took a hit! A true kick in the pants! I began researching laundry products and found that there are so many unnecessary chemicals contained in those store bought products, and boy are they expense. So I started making my own! And my pocket book smiled.

Fast forward to 2013, just one year later, I became more worried about those chemicals than the cost. My husband, the father of my girls who are so young, was diagnosed with stage five, yes five, renal failure. He was a kidney transplant recipient before we met, and now he needs another transplant. I became a research fiend and took on the task of making my home more healthy. Those unnecessary laundry chemicals had to go! Be gone! We changed our diet, our household cleaners, our laundry care, and so much more.

I became so thrilled with my recipe for laundry detergent, I started sharing it with others... and the rest is B&N history. We've added many other products and B&N has become our income source as my husband can longer work.

So thank you for your support. And I hope and pray that our laundry care products can improve the health in your home.

Love your laundry. Love your family.