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Repurposing the B&N Laundry Soap Tins

Posted by Rachel Bollin on

We love our 120-wash laundry soap tins so much. We’ve been busy repurposing them for use around the home.

I’m always looking for ways to store kid toys, which is why I’ve been using the tins to store Legos. They work like a charm!Labeling the tins is super easy and the twins love having their toys in these easy-to-carry tins that allow them to be transported to their Lego table without spilling tiny parts everywhere.

I’ve started using the tins for crayons, art supplies and even small dolls!


However, my favorite project that utilizes empty B&N Laundry Soap tins so far is using them as planters for my kitchen herb garden!

To make this adorable herb garden, we simply gathered our supplies from a local nursery and then punched three holes in the bottom of the tins to allow for water drainage, to punch the holes, we simply used a hammer and a screwdriver. The whole (pun intended) took us less than a minute.

Next, I filled the tin halfway with potting soil and placed the herbs in the tin before adding more soil to pack everything in.

Lastly, I cut a label out of Con-Tact Brand Chalkboard self-adhesive liner and, viola! She’s adorable!