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Using Essential Oils In Your Laundry

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As you start to move away from chemical fragrances in laundry products, you may find yourself missing that scent of lavender or what ever other scent you love.   When you use organic laundry products such as B & N Goat Milk Soap Laundry Detergent, the essential oils wash away as they clean.  They are there to do a job, such as fight stains or remove dust mites, but they won't leave your clothes smelling like the essential oil scent.  

We all know the importance of not using dryer sheets full of chemicals and replacing them with wool dryer balls.  You may miss that scent those sheets rub on your clothes, but there's a much better way to treat your clothes to a fresh scent by using EO's.  Take your B & N Laundry wool dryer balls and your favorite essential oils.  Place about 10 drops on each dryer ball and toss them back in the dyer with your clothes.  Some users will run the dryer with just the dryer balls and no clothes for a few minutes prior to adding clothes.  This helps set the EO's into the wool dryer balls.  

The outcome is soft fluffy clothes with a beautifully imprinted soft scent.  Enjoy!