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Felted Goat Milk Soap Stain Stick (2.9oz.)


Got a Bhaaad stain?  The famous B & N Laundry Half Felted Goat Milk Soap Stain Stick is all you need!  It's handy stain remover gets out everything from grease, chocolate, dirt, ink and more.  To use our handy stain remover, just get entire stain stick wet and and apply the unfelted side to the stain first and then use the felted side to scrub.  


Here's what some of our customers have to say: "I bought some play condition Matilda Jane Platinum ruffles on eBay because we love the comfort. They had blue ink marks on waist, back and one leg but I figured unfold enough for daycare. I thought that I would at least try the stain stick before washing even though I know the old owner tried to treat. Sure enough once again the stain stick loves to eat ink!" - Michelle




"I have to tell you, Saturday I have my 2 year old a red snow cone. But she was wearing a brand new red shirt. I came home and forgot about the shirt until the next day. I let it sit overnight and knew that it would be ruined but I tried the stain stick anyway just to see. I didn't take a before and after because I was convinced it wouldn't get all the red out. I scrubbed the stain stick on the shirt. Let it sit a while later and finally put it in the wash by itself. When the machine was done I went to get the short out and bam. No red. None. Anywhere. Not even on the collar. I was floored!!! My husband was even shocked! Thank you for making a product that works!!! " - Eliane

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  1. amazing

    Stain stick is amazing. Got out all my hard to get stains.

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Oct 2015

  2. stain eliminator

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE....did I mention LOVE this product! It got chorizo grease out of a white tank top and I forgot to take a before and after pic :/

    Posted by Dusty from Rockford, IL on 17th Aug 2015

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