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Goat Milk Soap Laundry Detergent (70 Washes)


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2.4lb bag of Goat's Milk Soap Laundry Detergent infused with one of our essential oils.
2.4lb bag of Goat's Milk Soap Laundry Detergent infused with one of our essential oils.  This detergent is concentrated, only one tablespoon is needed per load. Each bag contains a one tablespoon scoop for your convenience. Safe for all washing machines, including HE washers. Will last up to 70 wash loads.

The base is goat's milk soap, so it contains only natural ingredients. Scented with essential oils, which also act as a ntural cleanser. This detergent has no dyes or harsh chemicals, making it completely safe for anyone to use.  Lavender essential oils are claming and cleansing while citrus is full of oils that are natural stain lifters. 


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"I have shared this product from B&N At Home before. Being a mother of four children. One with special needs, a set of 4 year old twins (whom loves pizza) and a almost 2 year old. So you know my life is full of messes, stains, etc. So many people have always asked, "How do you keep their clothes so clean?" Well here is my secert. I use these stain sticks on my furniture, spot cleaning on my carpet, my photography props , clothes, and more. Chace, Dixie, and I all have sensitive skin and can not use certain name brand detergents. We use the all natural laundry soap from here too. It last three times longer than buying the store brands. Now I am not receiving any compensation, discounts, or anything in trade for promoting this. I get asked This question daily. So I felt sharing This again could help. This is my most honest and truthful testimony. I believe in this product and feel everyone should be trying this stuff. The stain stick alone should be called magic stick. It's that amazing!!!! So if you are throwing away good money because you are throwing away stained clothes. You can be saving tons of money by trying this stain stick.Go to and place an order today!!"- Michelle


"Just wanted to say I am loving my products! Can't wait to order my second batch!" -Emily 

Goat Milk Soap, Borax, Washing Soda, and Essential Oil
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  1. Best. Detergent. EVER!!

    I just finished my first bag of Goat's Milk Laundry Detergent (Lemon) and I'm hooked!! I will NEVER go back to the store bought detergents and even my husband (the biggest skeptic) believes this product is worth it. I do a lot of laundry (4 boys, including the hubby) and my middle child has severe eczema. I've always used hypo-allergenic everything and he would still have pretty bad flare-ups. Since using this detergent and the wool flare-ups or itchy skin. Plus, the clothes actually smell fresher (no perfume odor) and they are soft. Love this stuff!!!

    Posted by Flora M. on 31st May 2015

  2. Smells nice

    I love the smell of this cleaning product. It works nicely.

    Posted by Unknown on 5th May 2015

  3. Love this detergent!

    As a mom with a whole family of sensitive skinned people, I love your detergent! It smells great, cleans great, and no one breaks out due to harsh chemicals.

    Posted by Jessica B. on 5th May 2015

  4. Life Changer!

    I have exceptionally dry skin and break out in random eczema patches... this laundry soap has changed my life! I'm no longer itching under ever piece of clothing I wear! And the lemon scent is so fresh and clean! I just can't get enough!

    Posted by Ali H. on 24th Apr 2015

  5. Awesome

    I received a basked of dryer balls, soap, and stain stick as a Christmas gift from a sales rep. We have used it now for 3 months and LOVE IT! It has worked out really well for one of my daughters who has eczema. Her skin has been a lot less irritated since we have used it. We will be continuing to use on a regular basis.

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Apr 2015

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