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Super Size - Felted Goat Milk Soap Stain Stick (10 ounces)

The big big stain stick with all the power of the small stain stick!  This stain stick last a long time.  Our customers tell us they've had theirs for over a year.  If you love our stain stick and want one that last for a really really really long time, this is your best choice.  The B & N Stain Stick is famous for it's ability to get out any stain, includining stains that have been washed and dried.
This "magic eraser for clothes" comes in our large size felted goat milk soap stain stick.

This "magic eraser for clothes" is an incredible stain stick that has a reputation for getting nearly every stain imaginable. Change the way you think about stain removers! The felted goat milk stain stick is perfect for getting out spot stains. Just wet the stick and rub into the stain. Use the felted side to help lift deep stains.


Our customers love the B & N Stain Stick! 


My husband doesn't do laundry. Like ever. But he had an old oily stain on one of his shirts that had been frustrating him for a while and I wasn't around to help. He found your half felted goat milk stain stick in our laundry room and used it on the stain. Voila!! GONE. My husband is now a huge fan of B & N too. Seriously - even a week later he was still raving, "That stain stick really worked. I'm going to see what else I can use it on." Thanks B & N!!" - Diana


"Seriously amazing!" - Jamie

"if you haven't tried this stuff, you really should. It's all natural and chemical free. Perfect for families with allergies or anyone who doesn't want to use a tone of chemicals. the goat milk stain sticks and wool dryer balls may also include magical unicorn tears because they are so awesome" - Erin


"Best stain stick ever! It has saved white pants from a newborns blow out. It can get anything out! Amazing!!!" -Jill


Goat Milk, Coconut Oil, Borax, Orange Peel, Felt and Essential Oils.

  1. Works Very Well

    I love this stain stick because the felted end helps remove so many stains before I even throw the piece of clothing in the washing machine! I have kids that are very hard on their clothing and so far this works very well on the stains they bring home!

    Posted by Wendi S. on 26th Jan 2016

  2. Great For Kids!

    Works wonders for those messes caused by my rambunctious crew. From spaghetti to farm messes it takes it out. So far the only things it hasn't worked on were a few mystery stains from my husband who is a fleet mechanic for a good size local farm. So they could be anything from tractors, semi-trucks, farm equipment, or well you get the picture. Have purchased more as presents and will definitely be back for more.

    Posted by Melody on 11th Dec 2015

  3. powerful!

    This stain stick is my weapon against my children's white uniform shirts! My son in particular seems to think his shirt sleeve is a napkin, so stain treating his uniform shirt is a five day a week job for me. I've been so pleased to find a product that actually works and is made without chemical additives.

    Posted by Mo Streko on 31st Aug 2015

  4. It works

    I love the fact that this works without any harsh chemicals.

    Posted by Unknown on 5th May 2015

  5. I was wowwed!

    I was wowwed when this ball worked. My clothes had no static and were actually soft. This is a great surprised.

    Posted by Mary on 5th May 2015

  6. Grass stains? Old stains? NO PROBLEM!

    The best stain remover ever! Forget those "real life hacks" that only work a 10th of the time.... the Felted Goat Milk Soap Stain Stick is pure magic!

    Posted by Ali H. on 24th Apr 2015

  7. Very easy to use

    We keep this under the sink in our kids bathroom so while the kids play in the tub-mommy treats their clothes. Works wonders!

    Posted by Keely Gehring on 24th Apr 2015

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