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Adding to the adorable!

 Ahh the drudgery of laundry.  The never ending task that seems to take up way too much of our time.  Last weekend, I made the mistake of skipping laundry, for three days.  Wow, what a mess.  I've spent days trying to catch up, grumbling to myself with every load I take out of the dryer [...]

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Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

                    Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Brooke, the B of B & N has recently been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. This news comes as the Holidays approach and now I’m scrambling to create a menu thatincorporates her needs.  My amazing mom shared with me a Gluten Free Chocolate Cake [...]

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Daisy ! The New B & N Mascot.

 How have I not written about Daisy?  I’ll blame it on writers block because there is so much awesome to tell you.B & N needed a mascot and a trip to a farm down the road from my house solved that issue one summer morning.  I’m still glad the farmer didn’t laugh too terribly hard at me when I [...]

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Repurposing the B&N Laundry Soap Tins

We love our 120-wash laundry soap tins so much. We’ve been busy repurposing them for use around the home.I’m always looking for ways to store kid toys, which is why I’ve been using the tins to store Legos. They work like a charm!Labeling the tins is super easy and the twins love having their toys in these easy-to-carry [...]

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5 Steps for a Positive Morning Experience Every Mother Should Know

If you are like me, school mornings can be a major feet leaving you dreading the daily battle. In this blog I’ll share the 5 steps for a positive morning experience every mother should know. A few weeks ago, I started a few new habits that have created a smoother morning experience and given me a [...]

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New Year, New Packaging for B&N All Natural™

Wow, has it really been over a year since my last blog post? My bad. So much has happened in the past twelve months. Much of it should have been shared with you all, but alas, it wasn’t, and for that, I sincerely apologize. Over the past year and half we’ve been working hard on fresh packaging [...]

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The Monarch Enclosure

Did you know we build a Monarch Butterfly Waystation enclosure?  Taking our love for all things science and Nature a step further, we started this project to help increase the struggling Monarch population.  We had ups and downs along the way, but we finally finished our enclosure.  Check out our post on IMGUR to learn [...]

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Gardens and Butterflies

For the past four years a drought, dogs and motherhood wreaked havoc on my once beautiful yard. Realizing it was not going to fix itself, I took matters into my own hands.  The result has been the most wonderful bonding experience as a family. We started by pulling up the old dead grass and replacing it with rubber [...]

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It gets awesome

                 It's summer, my favorite time of year.  The twins are 4 years old and I've taken them to the pool nearly every day for the past week.  They play in the "little kid pool"  It's only a couple of feet deep and they are using it to master the [...]

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Anything not Everything

It's Monday afternoon, one child is taking a nap and the other is playing ball just on the other side of my door. My side garage door. Not the door to the shop. I am happily filling bottles with linen spray. This is a far cry from life just a month ago.2015 was the [...]

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