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Win Free Laundry Detergent for a YEAR!

Win Free Laundry Detergent for a Year!Place an order over the next 72 hours for a large bag (70 wash) laundry detergent in any scent, and be automatically entered to win One FREE bag (70 wash) detergent EVERY MONTH until January 2017. Valued at $299.00 Contest starts January 6th, 2016 at 5:30pm PST and [...]

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Finding what was lost

Before I was a mom, I was me.  Who was I?  I was energetic, athletic, and a little bit selfish.   When I say selfish, I mean in ways that really didn't seem selfish, they just seemed normal.  I worked out when I wanted to, always had my hair done and if I wanted to go [...]

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Grommet, Grommet, who's got the Grommet?

We do! We do! Today I woke with spring in my step and joy in my heart.  Oh what a day it will be.  Today my Goat Milk Soap Half Felted Stain Stick launched on  I was so happy the day they choose my invention to be featured. I had heard about the Grommet [...]

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Our Napa Adventure

Every child has their favorite book.  A book that takes their imagination to new levels and makes them feel like the opportunity for adventure is endless.  My children's favorite book is one that my mother gave to them last year during one of our visits.  Maggie and Maddy's Napa Valley Adventure.    http://maggieandmaddy.comIn the book, Maggie [...]

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B & N and Friends Giveaway

I'm pumped to be hosting a giveaway with two of my favorite fellow entrepreneurs; SoapSox and YIKES TWINS.  I had the pleasure of meeting these fantastic people at the LA Gift Show.  I loved their products and knew my customers would too.  We've come together to bring you this fun give away that I know you'll [...]

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Today I feel very blessed.  I seems to happen when I need it most.  After a tough day or week hearing "no" from big stores or just the usual small business woes.  Suddenly, one of my awesome customers will reach out to me.  Either they send a message or post on SM their latest stain [...]

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Laundry for a cause

Awesomeness is unfolding.  A dream of mine to intertwine my little company with a cause extremely important to me and my family.  A partnership with the National Kidney Foundation.  https://www.kidney.orgYou won't have to look far to see why we choose NFK as our charity of choice.  We may never know why my sweet Tony suffered from [...]

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Owning a business is the most difficult thing I've ever done.  It would be awesome if I could say that I have ever actually paid myself.  The truth is that in order to offer products that stores want to see on their shelves, you have to spend money on packaging, marketing, and certifications.  Then there [...]

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As a mom of 3 year old twins, I'm working hard to carve out special time when I put away work and the three of us go have fun.  Tuesdays are our play dates, after they get out of preschool.  Two weeks ago, I decided to take them to see Cinderella.  They had been to [...]

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Using Essential Oils In Your Laundry

As you start to move away from chemical fragrances in laundry products, you may find yourself missing that scent of lavender or what ever other scent you love.   When you use organic laundry products such as B & N Goat Milk Soap Laundry Detergent, the essential oils wash away as they clean.  They are [...]

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