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Goats Milk In Our Soap

I had been looking for an alternative to using Fels Naptha Soap in our detergent. Wanting to get rid of the unnecessary chemical found in the commercial soap.I'm also all about supporting other vendors with the same goal; replacing chemical filled products with natural organic ones. Last week, in a twist of fate, [...]

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Mountain Rose Herbs

There's lots of talk these days about essential oils, their benefits and where to purchase. When I first started using essential oils to scent my laundry soap, I did a good deal of research.I needed a cost effective solution from a company that I felt really had a strong core of beliefs and integrity. I [...]

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Soap Nuts

Let's talk about Soap Nuts.First, they aren't really nuts, they are actually a berry and they come from a tree who's Latin name is Sapindus. The shells of these berries release Saponins when place in warm or hot water. Agitation of water further helps to release the Saponins. Soap Nuts that are certified [...]

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Why Wool Dryer Balls?

People often ask me, "what's the deal with wool dryer balls?" I love this question, because I love talking about these incredibly awesome tools that replace dryer sheets. Wool dryer balls are made of 100% wool that's wound tightly into a ball and then felted. The felting process takes about 3-5 cycles of washing [...]

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Eucalyptus Essential Oils Help Kill Dust Mites

Adding 25 drops of Eucalpytus essential oils kills dust mites. You don't have to work; we've added the essential oils into our eucalyptus laundry soap for you!!

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Let's Knock Out Kidney Disease TOGETHER!

Today is the final day of our fundraising to the National Kidney Foundation. Fifteen percent of website sales are being donated! Spread the word for the final day and get your order in to support this great cause!If you've read our story, you know why the NKF is close to our hearts. I spent last [...]

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