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A Quick review of 2019

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I can't believe Christmas is only two weeks away and January 2020 is upon us.  2019 was a very interesting year for Brooke and Nora At Home, so much happened, it seems easy to forget all we accomplished.   The start of the year was extremely exciting, as my dream of selling our products on TV came true when we launched on Evine Live.  

Being on Evine, was the most fun I ever had at work.  The staff at Evine Live during that time, was amazing.  They were kind, supportive, and a joy to be around.  And hey, I got to be on TV.  I really love the rush of performing, speaking in public and all things entertainment.  After all, I was a theater and speech major long before I became an inventor.  

In the summer, I put all my attention launching our Goat Milk Liquid Detergent that I had worked on for two years.  Formulating and branding this product, was quite a feat as putting goat milk into a liquid detergent had never been done before.  I will always look back upon this experience with pride because it was for me, a pretty advanced formulation.  We launched the liquid detergent in 5 fragrances including fragrance free in September and the reviews have been very strong.  I personally have adopted the liquid as my go to,although Tony still prefers the powdered laundry soap.  We have something for everyone now and that's a grand achievement.  

Speaking of having something for everyone, 2020 will also be a great year for additions.  Brooke and Nora has some very exciting products that we will be launching in first quarter.  We are so happy to bring in these additions, especially since many of our customers have been asking for them for years.  These additions up new markets for the brand and I know everyone is going to love them.  

On a personal note, Brooke and Nora the humans, not the Brand, also had great strides in 2019.  Brooke joined precompetitive swim team and is the youngest member of her group.  She's learning flip turns, perfecting the butterfly, and learning how to dive into the pool, glide then go into swim stroke.  Watching her advance in her craft has been very fun.  She's a determined child with a strong will to succeed.  Nora, has grown her love for the arts this years.  She's been taking at classes on Saturdays and will also be taking musical theater classes at the city.  She's become an eloquent speaker and as she gains confidence, she shows how far she will soar.  

Thank you for all your continued support in 2019 and we can't wait to show you what's in store for 2020.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!