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Grommet, Grommet, who's got the Grommet?

Posted by Rachel Bollin on

We do! We do! Today I woke with spring in my step and joy in my heart.  Oh what a day it will be.  Today my Goat Milk Soap Half Felted Stain Stick launched on  I was so happy the day they choose my invention to be featured. I had heard about the Grommet from another maker and knew how much their site has helped other inventors.  Our stain stick truly is a Grommet in that it solves a big problem, Stains!  As a mom of two young kids, stains happen when you least expect them.  Remembering to pretreat those stains is another hurdle. That's one thing I love about my stain stick, if you forget to pretreat, you can still use our stain stick on set in stains with success! 

Take a moment to visit our stain stick launch on the Grommet!