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Posted by Rachel Bollin on

Owning a business is the most difficult thing I've ever done.  It would be awesome if I could say that I have ever actually paid myself.  The truth is that in order to offer products that stores want to see on their shelves, you have to spend money on packaging, marketing, and certifications.  Then there is the whole raw materials concept.  In order to keep your cost down, you must buy in bulk so you can pass that savings onto the customer.  Then there is insurance, lease space, shipping cost.  It's crazy.  

B & N Laundry must raise money to stay in business.  Bottom line is that we have no other option.  So this week we launched our crowd funding campaign on Indigogo.  If you donate you will receive recognition on our web site along with many other perks depending on your donation.  You can even get a years worth of laundry detergent.  We would love your help so that we can stay in business.