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Give mom what she really wants!

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For those who aren't moms, let me just say that this will sound like madness. When you're a mom, laundry is a BIG deal. I know, so trivial to you college students out there! Moms worry about the most ridiculous things, we know we do. But something changes when someone calls you mommy. Your heart grows three sizes, ya know, like the Grinch. And you WORRY. You will worry about everything! It's truly madness. So when a product comes along that can save you from a little bit of that worry, it's a BIG deal.

How can B&N help mommy?

1) Remove unnecessary chemicals. Getting healthy a staying healthy has become a huge movement. Or maybe it always has been and I notice it more now that I'm a 30 something mommy. There are chemicals in nearly every product we use. Food isn't even food anymore, it's "food-like" products. If you've read our story, you know that Mr. Bollin is waiting for his kidney transplant. When he was diagnosed, we needed to remove all unnecessary chemicals from our household. B&N laundry detergent is all natural and chemical free! Goat's milk has proven to be an effective base for our detergent. It is gentle on skin and leaves clothing soft. Rest assured, you can use it on your new bundle of joy's clothing! Now, one aspect in her life will actually be worry-free. And that's awesome.

2) Value. Saving money is also one of those BIG deal things to mommies. With children in the house, we need a money-tree. And I've yet to locate mine! B&N Laundry is concentrated. Just one tablespoon will wash a load. Our 2.4 pound bag will wash 75 loads. You'll notice, compared to store-bought soap, you're getting twice as many loads washed for the same amount of hard earned capital. And the smell is lovely! Available in three fragrances- Lemon, Lavendar, and Eucalyptus. The fragrance comes from the essential oils, which also serve as a natural cleanser, NOT from a chemical.

3) Stains. UGH! We moms hate the word. Clothing is not cheap, and children are little walking messes. Sometimes, they wear an outfit only once because inevitably, they've spilled something, rolled in dirt, or wiped their sticky little hands all over the front. You can beat the stain with B&N! Fight stains with our organic stain remover infused with essential oils or our goat milk felted stain stick. Our brand new half felted stain stick is one of a kind. We've developed this stain stick to truly change the way the world does laundry. Use the felted side to lift out tough stains.

This Mother's Day, give mom what she really wants! A product that will make her LOVE HER LAUNDRY! Ya know, that never-ending pile. 

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