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Adding to the adorable!

Posted by Rachel Bollin on

 Ahh the drudgery of laundry.  The never ending task that seems to take up way too much of our time.  Last weekend, I made the mistake of skipping laundry, for three days.  Wow, what a mess.  I've spent days trying to catch up, grumbling to myself with every load I take out of the dryer to put away.  "Never again will I skip more than one day of laundry!" I kept telling myself.  Foolery, because I know I will again repeat the same error.   

 I think the worst part about laundry is that it's such a big part of our lives and yet, all the gear we use to complete the task is so unappealing.  Nothing says "OHHH yeah, laundry" like a plastic white laundry basket with grey handles.  Ugh.   To know me, is to know I must make all laundry products pretty.  So I set out to create our newest products, laundry hampers that are anything but boring.   

I know you are going to love these adorable canvas bags with cute sayings. 




Canvas, rope handles, water resistant, and cute sayings.  What more could you want in a laundry basket?  

You can find them here:

Happy Shopping!

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