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Posted by Rachel Bollin on

As a mom of 3 year old twins, I'm working hard to carve out special time when I put away work and the three of us go have fun.  Tuesdays are our play dates, after they get out of preschool.  Two weeks ago, I decided to take them to see Cinderella.  They had been to the movies just a few weeks prior to see Paddington and did great, so I figured we give Cinderella a try.  

For days it was all they talked about.  "Mommy, we go see Cinderella today?"  They were pumped when I finally said yes. 

 The usual cuteness occurred as they were handed their kid trays of popcorn, M & M's and lemonade.  My usual fear of the tray falling out of their little hands lasted the entire walk to theatre #10.  It seemed like such a long walk.  Like watching a child take off on a bike for the first time without training wheels.  Trying to hold the fear in while you panic a little on the inside.  

Feels a bit dramatic to have such emotion over a 3 year old carrying their own snack tray, but who wants to start the date with the embarrassment of a massive clean up and a crying child.  We made it to our seats, I juggle my own drink, large purse stuffed with a newly potty trained kid's change of clothes while trying to hold their theater seats down so they can crawl into them without the seat folding back up on them causing a toddler melt down.  But there is two of them, I work to conduct one of them to wait, while I tackling the other seat and her stuff.  Just as I get Brooke's seat  down and she's almost in it, her tray falls from her little lap and popcorn goes everywhere.  But we recover and some of the popcorn is still on the tray.  

Whew, both kids now planted in their seats.  We made it. There's popcorn all under our seats, but we are in them.  

Unfortunately, the movie can't just start.  Nope those wonderful theater people must have forgotten that at 12 pm on a Tuesday, the movie goers are children.  If they had remembered this fact, they would not play movie trailers for a good 25 minutes prior to the start of the movie you actually came to see.  By the time Cinderella starts, the twins are getting the wiggles.  Big time.  

Ah, finally the movie begins.  Nora is curled up in her seat, her eyes wide open.  She's loving it.  She gets it.  Brooke is occupied with her snacks but within a few minutes, I start to wonder if Brooke is going to make it through the movie once her snacks run out or her tummy is full.  She's showing precursors to boredom.  And then it happens.

"Mommy, I need to go potty."  This is Brooke's way of saying she's so bored that the public restroom sounds fun.  So off we go to the restroom, but not with out spilling some more popcorn on the floor first.  All three of us.  Back into our seats after the usual bathroom shenanigans that include me sounding like a parrot on repeat.  "Don't touch that!"  "Don't touch that!" rinse, repeat.  You know the drill.

Nora is back in her seat, her eyes wide as Cinderella and her fairy Godmother turn the pumpkin into a carriage.  But Brooke, she's bored.  Really bored.  Damn, the movie is getting good and Brooke is not going to make it.  Then she says it "All done, go home"  I try to coax her into watching the rest.  But she's done, she gets up from her seat and starts to walk out of the theater alone.  Crap, I can't yell, we are at the movies. So I grab Nora and race to grab Brooke.  I get her back up to the show so Nora can finish and she's happy because she's sitting on my lap.  But then Nora decides she wants to sit on my lap too.  That's cool, I have two legs.  But it's not cool to them.  Neither wants to share me.  Darn it, the movie is getting really good.  

Brooke is done, Nora isn't.  But Brooke wins the war with her finally move.  The roll on the ground and cry move.  The ultimate melt down.  And we are done.  I gather them both up, and leave.  Walking to the car Brooke says "I want to see Cinderella!"  

Poor kid was waiting for an Animation version of Cinderella to play the entire time.  

Hugs to all you moms out there, it's a cruel world and we are all trying to survive.   

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