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The best organic laundry soap money can buy

Posted by Rachel Bollin on

I'm home sick today.  That kind of sick you get when you've been fighting it off.  Fighting it off while you take care of the million things on your to-do list.  Top it off with Pink Eye, and I can tell you I'm pretty miserable.  It's days like this when I wonder how can I keep this schedule up?  Why I am working so hard?

Then the phone rings.  The other end of the phone is a woman.  Her voice is soft and she ask if this is B & N Laundry? 

"Yes, it is B & N.  Sorry, I'm sick today but how can I hep you"  

She lets out a sigh of what seems like relief.  

"I've bought your soap in the past from farmers market and I love it"

"Oh, thank you"

She continues on and tells me that she hasn't been able to find me.  She ran out and tried other soaps but they all leave her children's clothing dingy.  So dingy that she had to replace all of their clothes.  She trusted that the "All Natural" soap she bought when her B & N ran out would work but it didn't and ruined her children's clothes.  

What a compliment!  But I get it, and I've heard this before.  I actually heard similar from another customer yesterday.  

This, this is why I do what I do.  All Natural shouldn't have to mean dingy clothes.  All natural can still mean clean, soft clothes and feel and smell great.  That has always been the goal of B & N Laundry and I love that you all notice.  

Now, back to the couch I go.  Hoping Tony comes home soon so I can hide in my room the rest of the day.

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