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Soap Nuts

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Let's talk about Soap Nuts.

First, they aren't really nuts, they are actually a berry and they come from a tree who's Latin name is Sapindus. The shells of these berries release Saponins when place in warm or hot water. Agitation of water further helps to release the Saponins.

Soap Nuts that are certified organic are picked in the wild and have not been sprayed with pesticides or other chemicals, making them a wonderful resource for cleaning organically.

I wanted to add Soap Nuts to our product line, so I tried them out this week. Because they work best in warm or hot water, I tried them out on sheets and cloth diapers. I cloth diaper my twins part time and I know how expensive those fancy cloth diaper laundry detergents are. I'm happy to say, Soap Nuts do a great job! I mean, I really love these. Both the linens and the cloth diapers came out fresh and clean.

To use Soap Nuts in your washer, just place about 8 in the small muslin bag and toss it in with any load in hot or warm water. Once the wash is complete, you can either leave them in the washer and toss in another load of laundry or take the bag out of the washer and allow the Soap Nuts to dry.

You will know to replace them when they turn mushy.

I cannot recommend Soap Nuts enough, especially if you are washing baby clothes, cloth diapers,linens and have family members with sensitive skin.