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Stains of Summer

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With the excitement of Summer just around the corner, and the excitement of messy and memory-filled days, comes the inevitable messy clothes that will surely make it into the laundry basket at the end of each day. I am so glad that our NEW Half Felted Goat’s Milk Stain Stick will make its very first Summer season debut in just a few short weeks! Just imagining all those stellar customer reviews has my little heart fluttering!

Favorite Stains of Summer, and how they stack up against our Stain Removers!

Grass and dirt Stains: We’ve had numerous customers try out our All Natural Stain Remover and our Stain Stick on grass stains, with rave reviews! So get your flag football game-face on, and go out there and get dirty with the kids! Just be careful, you’re not as young as you used to be!

Strawberry popsicle: No doubt this stain will end up down the front of your toddlers new summer dress, it’s a rite of passage isn’t it? But not to worry, I tested it out personally on the first hot day of Spring! Little one had a bright red gooey trail of liquid all down the front of her white shirt. It sat there, all day long, at Disneyland and overnight. The next day, I applied the felted side of the stain stick, gave it a good rub, and washed it as usual in my B&N Lemon scented laundry detergent, voila! Stain is gone and the shirt is the same crisp white that it was before the fiasco.

Chocolate: Customers have reported that chocolate is here today, gone tomorrow after using one or the other of our All Natural Stain Remover or Stain Stick, both have worked wonders on separate occasions!

Blood: Oh boy, oh boy! If you have boys, this is a big one! In the past, a blood stain on clothing meant good-bye expensive T-shirt, hello new shopping trip. One of our customers tested our Half Felted Goat’s Milk Stain Stick on blood that was on her sheets from a cut in her husband’s leg, and guess what, the felted side of that stain stick removed the stain! Miracle? Yes, I think so!

Spaghetti Sauce: Is pizza a Summer-time staple for anyone else but me? No need to worry about the sauce that’s on your pre-teen, and yes even your husband’s shirt! Try making your own pizzas this Summer, it’s super fun, and you don’t have to stress about the dreaded red stain if you have our Stain Stick in your wash room!

Ink: It’s summer, the kids are out of school! And they are what? You know, that dreaded word… BORED. They are bored out of their minds, despite the fact that they’ve been waiting for Summer break since the first day of September last year! That means that you have to come up with lots of crafts and projects to keep them busy! And lots of ink stains for you to shudder at when you see clothing come out of the laundry basket! Our customers have reported that the Stain Stick removes those nasty ink stains! Whoo hoo! Craft away kids, craft away.

What’s your “favorite” Summer Stain? Let’s try out the Stain Stick and see who wins!

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