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We missed our Daisy Goat!

Posted by Rachel Bollin on

 This past June, the twins and I had a scary, life altering experience.  The repercussions of that event was that we spent the majority of the summer putting the house and ourselves back together.  Unfortunately, this meant not seeing our sweet Daisy Goat.   I had been missing her so much and losing lots of sleep over the whole thing since we'd gone from daily visits to not spending time with her all summer. That left us all feeling pretty empty.  

Finally on Saturday we had no plans, no contractors installing floors or doors, and no therapy appointments so we made our way back to the farm to visit our Daisy.  Daisy hadn't, despite my fears, forgotten us.  She called out when she saw us coming and heard her name.  So much joy filled my heart when she nuzzled up to me and put her sweet face in my hand.  Ahh cue the tears of joy!  


Adding to the fun, we got to spend time with the baby goats who have grown into two of the most social kids I've ever met.  Their adorable personalities made for a really fun Saturday.  Just look at how lovable these two are!  

The good news is that Daisy, seems happy.  She has some new goat friends and she didn't forget us, but she does need a bath.  Last time we attempted goat bathing, it didn't go well, so maybe just a wipe down with a wash cloth will do this time.   We look forward to returning to our frequent visits to the farm now that things are settled down.  Expect more goat photos soon!