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What's the deal with those Enzymes?

Posted by Rachel Bollin on



If you've already purchased our new liquid goat milk laundry detergent, you may have noticed one of the ingredients is called BN-Zyme 500. So what the heck is that anyways?  BN-Zyme 500 is a special blend of enzymes we added to the liquid detergent to help remove stains and keep clothes looking their best.  

 Enzymes are microbial Isolates from nature.  They are not alive but they are produced by live bacteria that pave the way for them to work.  They help speed up the chemical reaction between bacteria and soils making the bacteria more efficient.  The enzymes break down the particles making it easier for the bacteria to consume.  Wow, that's some crazy science!  

Different enzymes focus on certain stains.  We have one that works great on stains such as blood, gravy, grass, and wine.  Another, that works on starches such as rice, spaghetti, and oatmeal.  An enzyme for gum based stains like ice cream  and one that gets a gold star for reducing pilling of cotton and removing fuzz and pills from worn cotton fabrics.  Enzymes take a good laundry detergent or household cleaner and make it even better.    I love the science behind these and how they are derived from a natural chemical reaction.    Just be sure to use your new Brooke and Nora at Home liquid detergent by the expiration date in order for the enzymes to be at their most efficient. 

 Happy Laundering!