Laundry Detergent

How many loads will each bag of detergent do?
45 washes, 96 washes, or the tin bucket is 120 washes

Can I use fabric softener with the detergent?
Our products leave your clothes nice and soft. No need to add anything else to the wash.

Why is your detergent better than a brand that I can buy at the grocery store?
We make our products and hand felt all of our stain sticks in Pomona, California. The dryer balls are hand made in Nepal. Our partnership with our vendor helps to create jobs in a safe working environment to support local Nepalese woman.

What ingredients do you use?
Our laundry soap is made with goat milk soap, essential oils and salts mined from the Green River Valley.

Are your products safe to use on baby clothing?
Yes! Our detergent is extremely gentle and made with all natural ingredients. We don’t use chemical fragrances, Ethylenediaminetetraacetic, Chlorine, Ethyl acetate or any of that other nasty stuff found in other detergents.

Can I use the detergent in all temperatures?

Do I put the detergent directly in the basin or do I put it in the pull out drawer of my front loader?
If you are using a front loader, place the detergent directly in the bin with the clothes.

Stain Stick

How should I store my stain stick?
You can store it in you laundry room in the box or on a shelf. During the humid months, you may want to store it in a dry spot in the house.

Is there anything I should NOT use my stain stick on?
If using it on very delicate fabric you may want to avoid the felted side and just use the unfelted side.

How long will the stain stick last?
That depends on how often you are tasked with fighting stains. Most people keep theirs over 3 months.

Do I need to let the stain soak after I have used the stain stick?
This depends on the stain. You may want to experiment with your stain stick to see what works best for you.

Dryer Balls

How long do the dryer balls last?
Up to 1000 cycles

Can I use dryer sheets with the dryer balls?
NO!!! Get those dryer sheets out of your dryer. You won’t miss them or their nasty chemicals. I promise!

How many dryer balls do I need?
3-6 is optimal. More is fine too if you have large loads of laundry to do.

General Information

Are your products hypoallergenic?
Yes. We don’t add chemical fragrances or any chemicals known to cause allergic reactions.

Do your products ever expire or become less effective?
You may find that after 12 months the scent won’t be as strong but the detergent will still be as effective.

How long will it take for me to get my order from the time I placed it?
We ship out 3-4 days maximum after we process your order.

Do you have a return policy?
We ask that all items be in original packaging. Customer will pay 20% restocking fee and is responsible for return shipping charges. Credit will be refunded once return is delivered and processed back to us.

Why doesn't the scent remain after washing and drying?
The scent comes from essential oils that are in place to do a job. Lemon is a natural stain fighter, lavender a natural cleanser and eucalyptus a natural dust mite killer. Because the essential oils are not a chemical fragrance, the scent washes out during the rinse cycle.