How We Got Here

The story of how and why our Founder developed these effective products is a bittersweet one, but one with a happy ending.

Not long after our Founder added twin daughters to her life, our Founder’s husband suffered kidney failure and had to go on dialysis. From that point she made it her mission to eliminate all unnecessary chemicals from their home. She decided to start in the laundry room. She wanted a detergent that was all natural and free of unwanted chemicals and dyes. She also knew that with one-year-old twins the detergent had to be effective!

What Made The Change

After months of trial and error, she discovered that goat milk soap was an extremely effective base for laundry detergent. It's very gentle on skin and effectively softens clothes. From there, our Founder was able to develop the most luxurious and effective detergent on the market. By using essential oils both for scent and as naturally active cleansers, she eliminated the need for artificial fragrances and harmful ingredients.

How We've Unfolded

Once the detergent became a success and began experimenting with better ways to tackle set-in stains. Through experimentation she discovered the perfect combination of essential oils and other natural ingredients to form the basis of what is now Daisy’s Goat Milk Stain Stick. The stain stick is felted on one side to tackle tough stains, even if they’ve already been washed in. The stain stick is perfect for grass, chocolate, make-up, grease, dirt, berry stains and more!

After developing her goat milk soap and stain stick formulas, it was time to find a natural substitute for chemical dryer sheets. B&N All Natural Wool Dryer Balls were the ideal solution, furthering her efforts to eliminate harsh artificial chemicals from the laundering process.
Our Founder’s efforts to rid her home of artificial chemicals continues with the new products she has in development, which, like B&N All Natural’s existing line, are designed to work toward eliminating unnatural substances from your home.